Nigel’s experience and background in accounting and tax, in practice and teaching the subject at UNSW, give him an acute understanding of commercial transactions and their financial and accounting implications. He lectures on accounting to lawyers and accountants. He has acted as an expert in determining accounting issues remitted for consideration outside the court process, and as a mediator in circumstances where an appreciation of the commercial dimensions of the problem assisted the parties to resolve their differences.

Nigel has been closely involved in the development of computing since studying programming and teaching the subject in the 1960s and 1970s. He has worked with computer applications to support litigation and practice management, and introduced the use of personal computers to support large-scale litigation in the “Tradestock” matter in the 1970s. He lectures to the Bar, and lawyers generally, on the use of technology in practice management and litigation support. He has a significant understanding of the technologies that drive modern computing and the convergent technologies to which lawyers and their clients are exposed.

Nigel’s practice over time has encompassed civil and criminal work. He prosecuted in R v Saffron and the “Bottom of the Harbour” schemes, and has defended in white collar and general crime. He was appointed as an Assistant Commissioner of ICAC to conduct the Grains Board Inquiry.

However his principal practice centres on civil litigation in the Supreme Court and Federal Court of Australia, in commercial and equity matters and insolvency. Combined with his background prior to his Bar career, this has exposed Nigel to a wide range of businesses, business issues and solutions, business disasters and successes, so that he brings the insights of that past experience and perspective to current issues.

Nigel has also been appointed a mediator by parties seeking out-of-court resolution to their issues, and as an expert for determination of technical accounting issues or the striking of accounts.


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